Best Beyblades to Buy!

Check out the best Beyblade Equipment on the Market! If you are just starting or looking to add to your collection this is the page to check out!

We listed things by what we already have and also have a wishlist below 🙂

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Beyblade Things We Have!

BEST Beyblade Starter Set!

If you are just starting this is a GREAT set! It comes with a stadium and TWO beyblades (Valtryek and Satomb). Here are all the things it comes with:

  • Bey blade Burst Switch Strike Genesis Valtryek V3 DR26 TA11 right spin top
  • Bey blade Burst Switch Strike Satomb S3 DR38 TD08 right spin top
  • Can burst into pieces in battle (burst rates vary)
  • Includes 2 Bey blade Burst Switch Strike right/left launchers
  • Bey blade Burst Star Storm Beystadium for awesome battle patterns.Material:Plastic
  • Includes Bey blade Burst Switch Strike: right spin tops (2), right/left spin launchers (2), Star Storm Beystadium (1), and instructions Ages 8 and up

Best Beyblade Organizer

When we first started and didn’t have an organizer, our Beys were EVERYWHERE! Especially when we started adding more Beys to our collection.

After we got this organizer, we were able to put ALL of our Beys and Launchers in this great organizer. Also it lets take our Beys to our friends and family’s houses to play with other 🙂 

BEST Beyblade Stadium!

This stadium is the largest one we could find and we are able to battle 5 people!! If you have lots of Beybladers this is the stadium for you!!!

  • Big Size : 4 or more players can play at the same time!
  • Durable : Made of thick PP material, and doesn’t break even when stepped on.
  • Dimension : 25.7″ X 24.6″ X 3″
  • Include Stickers, Before playing game, put stickers on it first.
  • Weight : 2.1lb (930g)

Our FAVORITE Bey: Z Achilles - Best OVERALL

Our absolute FAVORITE Bey is Aiger Akabane’s: Z Achilles! In fact we used it for the logo on our site. 
This bey is the strongest one we have and it barely ever burst. You can switch the tip from stamina to attack mode. Only thing is that it does not have a great launcher. Use one of the other launchers if you can. 

Bad news is that it is sold out!! We’ll let you know when it comes back. 

Beyblade Legends Site Icon

Wonder Valtryek/Winning Valkyrie - Best ATTACK

Wonder Valtryek (American Name) is introduced in Beyblade Burst Turbo in the FIRST episode! You have to watch it!

This Bey is really good and it goes super fast and has one of the best attacks we have ever seen. It will spin around the ENTIRE stadium (even the big one). However the launcher that it comes with is not great. It also does not have great stamina.

Zillion Zeutron - Best Stamina

Zillion Zeutron is our best stamina Bey and the most stable. It can actually spin for more than 90 seconds (We timed it)! Far longer than ANY other bey. This package also comes with a really good launcher. 

However, it bursts VERY easily. It just takes about 3 hits and it will burst. It works better in large stadiums where it can dodge hits for attacking Beys.

Our Beyblade WISHLIST

There are SO many Beyblade things out there. These are currently on our Wishlist!

Our Next Stadium and Beys

This stadium is from the season Beyblade Burst! It is so cool because its not just a stadium it also has Kerbeus’ Claw strike on the Left Side, and Valtryek’s Sword Slash on the Right Side. That means we have other ways to burst the Beys! We are super excited about this Stadium.

It also comes with Kerbeus and Valtryek Beys as well as Two Launchers. It looks like a great starter set!

Brave Valkyrie - the STRONGEST Bey

We’ve been following this Bey on Youtube. It is supposed to be one of the STRONGEST Beys out there.

The Tip allows to Awaken and go faster with more attack!

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